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When we are refering to pictures at the danish photoalbum, most often the text will be in danish, but we hope, you will enjoy the pictures anyway...

26.02.08 The training is developing perfect
Jørgen and the dogs have now been in Sweden for 1½ month, and everything is developing perfect. The starting routines are incorporated, and all 12 dogs are now on the team every time. There are lots of snow in Särna, and the temperatures have been perfect most of the time. Except for a few days it has been between minus 5 and 20 degrees Celcius. Unfortunately several days last week the temperatures have been a bit on the wrong side of 0, and we have been nervous that the weather in Särna would be following the same tendency as lots of other places in Europe with´rising temperatures as a result of global warming. But fortunately it seems as if the minus degrees are returning the comming week. If you are interested in reading more about global warming and following a guy who are making dog sled expeditions to attract attention to the problem, you should look at

The distances are still increasing. The last weeks until the race will primarily be training of the "race-rythm": day trips of about 100 kilometres in all with snack and rest-breaks on the trail. The last two weeks Natasha has been visiting Särna, but are now in Denmark again for another two weeks of working before it is time to go to Sweden again - and this time Rebecca is also comming. The week after Polar Distans we are going on a trip in the mountains with two sleds and our new Lavvo-tent, which has room enough for the whole family and even some guests if necessary. 

View some photos here. The text is in danish, but you can hopefully enjoy the photos anyway.

25.1.08 Jørgen and the dogs are training in Sweden
Jørgen and 12 of our dogs are in Sweden now training for Polar Distans. Rebecca and Natasha are at home in Denmark with one dog (who primarily spends her time in the sofa...) - and are going to Särna for a couple of weeks holiday in february/march. The weather in Särna is perfect: about minus 10-20 degrees Celcius and lots of snow, and the training is proceeding as planned. The dogs have used the first almost two weeks to get used to the rutines with socks etc., which they are not used to from home. And they should also use some time to learn that they have to spare some power for a longer trip and not burn it all out in the begining. Now they seem to have learned it and are trotting in a nice and easy pace all the way. The distance is now as long as 35 kilometres and will gradually be increased.   
Pictures can be seen here.

4.11.07 Fantastic weather and fantastic dogs!
Today and yesterday the weather has been absolutely fantastic, and we have taken lots of nice photos.

Enjoy them here.





8.10.07 Team Koyuk has entered Polardistans 400
Now the 2008 edition of  the Polardistans website is up and running. There is quite a few renewals: amongst them is a possibilty of racing 400 kilometres with a maximum of 12 dogs. It is still possible to race 300 kilometres, but then you are limited to 8 dogs.

Team Koyuk is going for the 400 km. We look forward to march 2008!

The training here in Denmark is on a 4 wheel'er (ATV), and very slow. It is important to build up the joints and muscles of the dogs, before they are allowed to run full speed. At the same time we are testing the youngsters in lead, so the training is always carried through with as much security as possible. We are always two persons on the ATV and one out front, when passing other mushers og forest-visitors. A new feeling, because up until now our main stock has been the leaddogs from Kennel Petruschka, who just passes anything. Fortunately it seems that most of the puppies just think FORWARD, so it looks promising! We would like to have at least 6 leaddogs, when the start for Polardistans goes the 12th of march 2008.

16.9.07 Goodbye to Sean
A few days ago we had to say goodbye to one of the most lovely, happy and, strong dogs we have ever had. Sean had suddenly become ill - his liver couldn't work anymore.

Fortunately we still have 13 fantastic dogs!




6.8.07 The holiday has come to an end
Despite of  occasional rain, we (almost) finished building and painting our dog yards in Sweden. A little is stillmissing, but the most important is ready for the two months of training for Polar Distans 2008. We also had a little time for journeys in the mountains and receiving visits from family and friends. See pictures here. Back in Denmark we are waiting for the season to start. This year the training are going to be more intense than ever, and the racing season 07-08 are going to be one of our most exciting seasons so far!!

18.5.07 Two first prices on swedish exhibition

Yesterday we went to an SPHK exhibition in Sweden with two of our bitches, Allyson and Yelena.

Both got first prices, and it was indeed a whole different experience than the danish exhibitions we have been too. Much more fair to all types of Siberians. Of course the most common type was the racing Siberian, and within this category all different types were represented and equally judged. There were also show type Siberians - and they were judged equally fair.
Yelena also got a special "price of honour"!


15.5.07 New link: "family" in France
We have updated our link site with a link to a french kennel called "Of Eagle River". They have some very nice dogs - some of them with pedigrees that looks much like ours. The homepage is very interesting with lots of information about the history of the Siberian Husky etc.

9.5.07 Enjoying life and bones in the playground
In the weekend we and the dogs enjoyed the weather and some nice oxe bones in the playground.


25.3.07 Home again after two weeks in Sweden
We have just returned from Sweden, where we among other things have been officials at the "Polar Distans" and have tried some of the sled-/scooter-tracks around our house. You can view the pictures here.

1.3.07 Team Koyuk in SHC-Aktuell
The magazine of the german Siberian Husky-club, SHC-Aktuell, has a serie of articles - "Siberian Huskys aller Welt" - and in this issue they have a portrait of Team Koyuk. You can see the article here.

14.2.07 Race season has begun
The big races are all either finished or comming up soon. In Norway Robert Sørlie has just won the worlds biggest long distance race, Femundløpet, and is heading for the Iditarod. We hope to see Robert make another great race in Alaska! In Yukon Quest Lance Mackey is in the lead, now when he is almost half way through the race. It will be exciting to se if he wins it for the third time, or if it will be one of his competitors - it is still open... And when it comes to Iditarod, Robert Sørlie and Lance Mackey get company by Jeff King as one of our favorites.... 


                        Robert Sørlie in Femundløpet 2007                                     Lance Mackey in Yukon 2007

Here in Denmark we are enjoying a few days of nice, cold weather. Else, the winter has been quite warm here, actually. This saturday we shot som videos from the play-area. Watch them here. 

8.1.07 Happy new year!!
We have just returned from almost 3 weeks holliday in Sweden. As so many other places on this planet, Sweden was too hot for that time of year. There wasn't as much snow as we hoped, so the sled trips were too few. But we had plenty of time and opportunities to finish the dog houses and test the dog yards - and we went for a lot of nice trips in the mountains with family and friends. The weather was fantastic (in spite of the lack of snow)! Pictures can be seen here.

29.10.06 Start of the season!
Finally the temperatures were sufficiently low for our first training this season. It was nice to start training again, and fantastic to see the puppies in action for the first time. We now have divided our dogs into two training teams consisting of respectively 8 and 6 dogs. In the 6 dog team Nassi was in lead for the first time in Team Koyuk, and he did great with Demi as his co leader. 

    29-10-06_Demi.jpg (86754 byte)    29-10-06_Nassi.jpg (208492 byte)    29-10-06_Justin.jpg (101231 byte)


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