Team Koyuk

Dogs of special importance to us


Name Too You Gorska's (U2)
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Born 01.03.95 - 07.12.05
Position Lead, team
Races European Championships: 1997 (Nr. 3 i 6 dog class), 1998 (Nr. 1 i 6 dog class), 1999 (Nr. 1 i 6 dogclass) Danish Championships: 2001 (Nr. 2 i 8 dog class), 2002 (Nr. 1 i 6 dog class), 2004 (Nr. 2 i 4 dog class) Sweedish Champiosnhips: 2002 (Nr. 2 i 8 dog class) Nordic Open: 2002 (Nr. 1 i 8 dog class)

U2 was with her brother Thompson stationeret by us from Kennel Petruschka in august 2003 and stayed with us until her death. U2 has had four puppy litters and is the mother and grandmother of several of the dogs in our Kennel. U2 was a fantastic lead dog with lots of great results, and we never had any trouble getting her to eat or drink. She has been a great teacher for our puppies and youngsters, and we will allways remeber her as something special.

Jamie Lee

Name Petruschka's Jamie Lee Curtis (Jamie Lee)
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Born 28.05.01 - 15.09.08
Weight 20 kg.
Breeding criteria Free of heriditarial eye diseases, HD-status: A. Exhibition: 1. price
Position Lead, team
Races Nordic Open: 2004 (nr. 6/best dane,6 dog class), 2005 (nr. 2/best dane,6 dog class), 2006 (nr. 2/best dane, 8 dog class).

We bought Jamie Lee from Kennel Petruschka in 2004, when she was 3 years old. Jamie Lee was a daughter of U2 and a terrific leaddog like her mother. She was also a lovely and calm dog, so we chose her to be the mother of our first puppies in 2005. She reached to be grandmother before she was put down because of rheumatism in the hips.