Team Koyuk

About us

Apart from the dogs Team Koyuk consists of Jørgen (born 1966), Natasha (born 1963), Rebecca (born 1989) and Christian (born 1982). It is Jørgen, who is standing on the sled at competitions, and he is clearly the "alpha male" of the pack. But our every day life and our holidays in Sweden with the dogs are definitely something we all enjoy and are part of. Jørgen and Natasha are the every day caretakers of the Kennel, but Rebecca and Christian are participating in the training and on our holidays as often as they can.



Jørgen Natasha
Special consultant in BUPL Midtsjælland (danish trade union) Speech,hearing and reading therapist. Reading consultant and teamleader at a Special Education Centre in Slagelse.



Rebecca Christian
Lives and works in Slagelse. IT consultant, lives with his wife, Karina, and their little daughter,
Sophia (born dec. 09) in Copenhagen.