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News 2008


9.12.08 Exciting reading

Here in Denmark the snow didn't last for long - as usual, it dissapeared again after a few days. But then you can dream about snow and sled dog racing by reading and watch movies about it... We have started a new page under articles with suggestions for great books, movies etc. about sled dogs and wildlife - and we will also bring short reviews of the. We have just ourselves read Ken Anderssons journal from Yukon Quest and Iditarod 2008, and therefore it is the first on the list, which will grow gradually....


27.11.08 Two more pages in english!

The pages "the sport" and "training" (under "Siberian Husky" in the menu) has been translated into english, so now the english part of our homepage is all in english! Apart from the text in the photo albums. They are always only in Danish. Mostly it either is of no real importance - or it is only the names of the dogs on the picture, and that is the same in both languages. We hope you enjoy the pictures anyway.


23.11.08 Snow in Denmark!

Yesterday snow finally came to Denmark! The puppies - and the rest of us - enjoyed it fully. Pictures here.

Because of education etc. we will not participate in any races this season, and the training will take place on our own land and in the playground. But we will take some long vacations in Sweden and hopefully go on lots of long trips by sled.


9.11.08 While waiting for the winter...

We have been missing some pictures of our 12 dog team from last winters training i Sweden in the album. So while we are waiting for the winter in the Danish rain, you can enjoy the pictures her.


1.11.08 Puppies in the autumn forest

Today the weather was beautiful, and that was fully enjoyed in the playground. The puppies are well, they are growing and their pack is expanded all the time. Now they have got collars and are almost looking like "real dogs". The adults are enjoying to be with them and are almost becoming puppies themselves! Pictures here.


21.10.08 Training on our own land

Last week we opened our new training track - on our own land. It is fantastic to be able to train every day all hours - without asking permission from anyone! The puppies are healthy and growing. Pictures here.


28.9.08 And then the playground....

Today was the puppies' first day in the playground. The really enjoyed to run around in the 5000 m2 big area, while we had a coffee break in the middle of painting and placing new windows in the house. Watch the pictures here.


21.9.08 The dog yard has been conquered!

This week the puppies have gradually gotten used to be in their dog yard, and today we have moved them there permanently. Now they are also eating more and more real dog food, even though mummy's food is still the best! Pictures here.


14.9.08 6 weeks old!

Socializing and expansion of territory are continuing. It's an amazing experience to watch how they develop and experience new stuff every day! Watch for yourself here.


7.9.08 An eventfull weekend

This weekend there has been a lot of socializing going on! The puppies have met a lot of new people, and they also have met their father for the first time in their life. Se pictures here.


31.8.08 The world is getting bigger...

Today the puppies are 4 weeks old, and they were outside for the first time. They are growing with incredible speed and are already weighing about 4 kilos. It's amazing to watch them gradually conquer the world! See pictures here.


24.8.08 3 weeks old and visit from DKK

Today we had a visit from the Danish Kennel Club. They were very impressed by the conditions of our dogs and admired the puppies who were 3 weeks old today. See puppy pics here.


17.8.08 2 weeks old

Today the puppies are 2 weeks old, and the last few days eyes have emerged on all of them. The weight is still growing rapidly - now they weigh almost 2 kg. each! Allyson is fine, and she is actually enjoying being away from the puppies for a little while. So now she is running outside in the playground with a few of the other grownups. Puppie pictures can be seen here.


9.8.08 The puppies' first week

Now the first week is about to end. Unfortunately Diana didn't survive more than 2 days. The other four are fine and are putting on weight as if they were payed for it! Kobe, Lisa and Sue have already more than doubled their birth weight, and Kevin is about to be there. Pictures can be seen here.


3.8.08 Pictures from Sweden

Jørgen and Natasha have been in Sweden for two weeks and have been on some amazing trips in beautifull weather and fantastic nature. Pictures can be seen here.


3.8.08 Newborn puppies!

Early this morning Allyson gave birth to 5 lovely, healthy puppies: The basketball-team of Team Koyuk. It consists of 3 bitches (Diana Taurasi, white; Sue Bird, white; Lisa Leslie, black/grey) and 2 males (Kobe Bryant, light brown and Kevin Garnett, white). All weighs about 500 g., and mother and puppies are all fine.


18.6.08 Article now in english

We have now translated an article: "What about Denmark - should serious racing kennels be able to breed?" that we wrote for the Danish Siberian Husky Club magazine in 2004. You can find it here. The article could just as well have been written today - sadly there hasn't been any change in the attitude towards breeding in Denmark since then. We have made a short update underneath the article.


14.5.08 Puppies this summer

We have decided to breed with Nassi and Allyson, when Allyson will be in heat next time, presumeably in August. The reason why we have chosen exactly theese two dogs is primarily their running abilities and their calm temper. Depending on how big the litter will be, we will have some puppies for sale. Some of them we will keep for ourselves, and there have alrady been a few requests.


20.3.08 At home in Särna after a great trip in the mountains

The last three days we have been on a trip in Vedungsfjället with frost, sun and a high, clear sky. It has been a fantastic experience: great nature, happy dogs and cozy nights in our tent and sweedish cabins. We have tried to capture the moments in our camera and have got quite a few good shots - a selection can be seen here.

Saturday we go home to Denmark after a great holliday and training camp, where our 6 Koyuk puppies really have matured and shown their strenght.

16.3.08 Polar Distans is finished

Pia ved start

Our good friends from Denmark, Pia Lykke and Anders Larsen finished their first Polar Distance in great shape this thursday. Amazing! Especially considering the tough conditions. A lot of mushers didn't made it through or didn't start at all. In the 400 km. only two of the 7 entered mushers even started the race, and only Pierre Antoine Heritier from Switzerland made it all the way through.

Pia and Anders wasn't the quickest in their class (160 km.), because they chose to spend the night in the mountains to spare their dogs the effort to go all the way to the checkpoint - and they also wanted to make a trip out of it and not just race through! See the pictures here Results and other great pictures from the race taken by the race photographer can be seen onthe Polar Distans homepage.

This year the people behind Polar Distans had made a huge effort in making the race even better than previous years. The markings on the trail were much better - almost all the participants found their way around! The new homepage, the professional race photographer and lots of other details make the race look more and more professional.

11.3.08 We cancel our participation in Polar Distans


After many long discussions and considerations we have decided not to start in Polar Distans. A few days ago the weather changed,and we have had between 5 and 7 degrees Celcius every day (and not much colder at night). That made the trail wet, heavy and icy. As rookies with great unsecuereness about the capability of our dogs in long distance races, we finally made our decision. We considered for a while to switch class and go for the 160 km. with only 6 dogs. So now we look forward to next week where the weather should turn to minus degrees again, and the whole family can go on our easter trip to the mountains.

Welcome to our new homepage!

new homepage

If you have followed our old homepage, you know that we at the moment are preparing to participate in the swedish long distance sleddog race Polar Distans. Jørgen is staying in our house in Sweden training the dogs for the race. They are now in the shape of their lives, and the next 10 days until the start will be used to make this shape even better, and to train race rythm (driving - pausing etc.).