Team Koyuk



17.12.09 Snow in Denmark

Today it was one of the rare snow days in Denmark, and this weekend it was nice and cold. Enjoy our lovely pictures here.

And then we will wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


22.11.09 New car!

At the picture you can see our new car. The old one had started to have too many reparations, and we really need safety on our 1000 km. long trip to Särna.
In Norway Robert Sørlie, Bjørnar Andersen, Sigrid Ekran, Ralph Johannesen & Inger-Marie Haaland have started Team Eukanuba. It is not like Team Norway - at the trail they are still competitors - but they go for at least two of them at the stage in Finnmark, Femund and LGO.


4.11.09 Now running season is about to begin!

Now we don't have to wait much longer for the racing season. A great place to check out is Unfortunately the nordic pride, Team Norway, has been dissolved. Their website will continue following Robert Sørlie though. And he will in 2010 participate in Femundløpet, Finnmarksløpet, La Grand Odyssée and possibly Arctic Barents Race. They will also bring other interesting stuff from the racing front.


13.10.09 Mini vacation in Sweden and Norway

We have just been on a small vacation without dogs to visit Birger in Lycksele and experience the northern Sweden and Norway. Enjoy the gorgious autumn colours etc. here

Training on own land august 2009

29.8.09 Start of season

To day we have started the season with a little trip on our own land.

This season we will not lay as low as last year. But Jørgen is still studying on his Masters Degreee, and Natasha has just started a new job, so we are not sure whether the training will end with us participating in Polar Distans or "just" some spectacular sled trips in the mountains this winter.


3.8.09 End of holliday

We have almost just returned from our house in Sweden. As you probably can sense from the pictures, both we and the dogs enjoyed our stay there a lot. It is amazing to have such a lovely place where you can just go and relax - and when the dog yards etc. are just functioning!

Articles has been updated with reviews ofsome dvd's from the great long distance races etc.


26.4.09 Still beautifull weather - and an update

We have now experienced a few weeks with the most fantastic warm and sunny weather. At the picture Lisa is helping mowing the lawn! Articles is updated with a reference to the american Mushing Magazine, which can be helpfull in the planning of the comming seaseon. One of the last races this season, Arctic Barents Race pilot, was - as expected - won by norwegian Robert Sørlie.


8.4.09 Easter in the playground

Yesterday we took some nice pictures in the most fantastic easter weather. Enjoy them here. Farther north it's still cold, and these days the Arctic Barernts Race2009 is going on. This year is a "pilot year", which consists of 3 races, Amundsen Race, Pasvik Trail and Arctic Barents Race pilot, and the winner will be the one of the 6 participants from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia with the best results put together. Follow the race on Team Norways web page. The final race will be 2800 km. between Murmansk and Røros in april 2010.


29.3.09 Bjørnar is back!

Bjørnar Andersen won an extremely exciting Amundsen Race 56 minutes in front of Robert Sørlie, which he had been hunting for over 300 kilometres of the 422 km. long race. It's nice to see Bjørnar back in shape again - and what a shape! All Alaska Sweepstakes, which has been revived and is following the same rute as the original race between Nome and Candle, has also been held thees last few days. The winner was Mitch Seavey followed by Jeff King and Lance Mackey.


21.3.09 The end of the "super weeks"

The last few weeks have been a blast! The Finnmarksløpet in Norway was extremely exciting, and the coverage was fantastic! In the 1000 km. as well as the 500 km. there was excitement till the end: Inger-Marie Haaland was the first woman ever to win FL1000 - and as a rookie! FL500 was won by Arnt Ola Skjerve. Unfortunately Bjørnar Andersen had to scratch from Iditarod, because he was badly injured. A shame - his dogs were in a fantastic shape, and they would have made a great race. Iditarod was won strongly by Lance Mackey.


26.2.09 Home from Sweden again

Now we are home again after yet a fantastic holliday in Sweden (pictures here). We were lucky and had a lot of snow - it almost had dissapeared in january. Yukon Quest is now almost over. In the front there were excitement up to the very end: Sebastian Schnuelle won 4 minutes in front of Hugh Neff, Jon Little was third, and Martin Buser and Michelle Philips came in as fourth and fifth with only 1 minute between them. Unfortunately Mike Ellis, the only musher driving Siberians, had to scratch after a real excelent 3/4 of the race.

YukonQuest2008_Brent Sass

13.2.09 Yukon Quest begins tomorrow

Tomorrow the world's toughest sled dog race, the Yukon Quest, starts in Whitehorse.This year there are 29 participants, which is a lot more than last year and hopefully indicating that the race lives strongly. It will be exciting to follow Martin Buser, Brent Sass (the picture), Hans Gatt, Hugh Neff, Michelle Philips, Sebastian Schnuelle and all the others. As warm up you can read "Yukon alone", which is one of the most fantastic books ever!


10.2.09 Robert Sørlie wins Femund600

Robert Sørlie won an incredibly exciting Femund600 in cloze race with Ralph Johannesen. Sigrid Ekran was the first musher in Griumsbu and thereby the winner of a suitcase with 2000 dollars. Unfortunately she couldn't keep pace and ended as no. 3 with Erle Frantzen and Mona Kolstad within half an hour behind her. Sadly both Karsten Grønås and Nisse Uppstrøm scratched, but Pierre-Antoine Heritier was impressive and completed the race as no. 23 of 25.


3.2.09 The norwegian Femund Race on web-TV

Thursday the Femund Race is on in Norway. Among the starters we will see Bjørnar Andersen, the Iditarod participant of Team Norway, and the Siberian Husky mushers Karsten Grønås, Pierre-Antoine Heritier and Nisse Uppström. This year there will be a direct transmission from the start and finish on the Race web site.

In Alaska Lance Mackey was second in Tustumena200, which was won by Cim Smyth.


1.2.09 The puppies are almost 6 months old!

It has been a while since the last time we brought pictures of the puppies. They are now almost 6 months old, and they are just about as big as som og the adults! Today it has been one of the rare snow days in Denmark, and we managed to get some good shots of the puippies. Have a look here.

In Alaska Tustumena200 are taking place just now - Lance Mackey is in the lead!


7.1.09 Christmas holliday in Sweden

We are now home again after two wonderfull weeks in Sweden. It is great to have to possibility to get awa to the snow and reload the batteries. The weather has been perfect: lots of snow, minus degrees, sun and clear skies. Both dogs and humans have enjoiede it fully. Pictures here.