Team Koyuk



18.3.12 Update and pictures from Sweden

As we are about to downsize our sled dog life, there hasn't been much updating the last year. There will not be much of that in the future either, but we have decidede to keep the site anyway. We still have 5 dogs left, and we have just been in Sweden. Se pictures here.


23.3.11 New members of the team

The 2 sheep from last year has been replaced with 5 new sheep of the race "Såne", which are going to be the future part of the team. All 5 of them were pregnant when they got here, and now two of them has given birth to 3 lamb! Pictures here .


16.1.11 Back from Sweden - with Justin back ind the team

While we were in Sweden this december, we got Justin back. It wasn't really working in the kennel he went to, and now it's like he hasn't been away at all! It's really nice to have him back - and it was nice that we were able to go with two 4-dog teams in Sweden. Watch pictures from our christmas holiday here.


31.10.10 State of Team Koyuk and pictures from a special visit

We now have 7 dogs left, and they will all stay with us for the rest of their lives. The rest of the dogs are now living with nice people, where we know they will have a perfect sled dog life with races and sled trips. We are still continuing using our dogs the same way as we used to as long as they are still with us - and we look forward to winter in Sweden! Today we had a visit from a finnish same-dog called Silas, and he really enjoyed playing with Laika and Demi in the playground. Enjoy the pictures here.


17.9.10 Sled for sale!

We are selling our Bewe-sled (model Ultra Vario from 2008) incl. sled bag, scooter mat and two snow ancors. Prize: 18.000 Dkr. or 2.420 Euro. It's a fantastic sled, but as we have decided to gear down wit our sled dog life, we won't be needing it anymore.


27.7.10 Summer in Sweden

A few days ago we returned from a great holiday in Sweden! We went on a lot of fild trips with and without guests. And apart from that we got time to relax, "hygge" and paint the barn.

Watch the pictures here.


13.5.10 Team Koyuk is expanding!

Last weekend three sheep arrived to Årslev Engvej 1. They have completely settled in and are getting used to the dogs running along at the other side of the fence. In fact that is great excercise for the dogs. They get to run quite a few kilometres at full speed!


20.2.10 Pierre-Antoine Heritiér through Yukon Quest!

Pierre-Antoine made it safe through Yukon Quest. It took him almost 4 days longer than the winner Hans Gatt - but he got through! And with 11 of his 14 dogs. Fantastic job!

Our winter holliday in Sweden is about to come to an end, and we have enlargened the photo album with pictures from the last couple of days.


14.2.10 Norra Dalarna is a fantastic area!

We are once again enjoying our holliday in Särna with lots of snow, sun, a clear sky, perfect trails and great nature! Watch here.

In Yukon Quest Pierre-Antoine is more than half the way now. A short while ago he left Dawson, where he and the dogs got a well deserved rest after 44 hours on the 236 kilometres long trail between Eagle and Dawson over American Summit.


11.2.10 Sigrid Ekran winner of Femund 600

Sigrid Ekran won Femund 600 - closely followed by Inger Marie Haaland. Robert Sørlie was third, and by that Team Eukanuba has taken the whole podium of this year's Femund 600!

At the moment we are excited about following the Yukon Quest, where we are deeply impressed by the swiss Pierre-Antoine Heritiér, who races with Siberians and still (after almost half the race) has all his 14 dogs with him.


31.1.10 Still snow in Denmark!

The snow is still here, and this weekend a bit more has come. Saturday we got a few good pictures in the dog yard. Enjoy them here.

Now the great races are soon on. Femund and Yukon this week; Finnmark and Iditarod in march. A nice way of getting in the mood is to read Kenn Andersons journakl from the 2009 Iditarod. You can download it here.


24.1.10 Emil Inauen wins LGO

La Grande Odyssee is over and was won by Emil Inauen. Unfortunately Robert Sørlie got injured during the first stage. Hopefully this won't ruin his plans for the season. We hope that he will recover fast, som he can participate in Femundløpet - and at least in Finnmarksløpet.
In Norway the rest of Team Eukanuba has done well in a couple of races: Sigrid Ekran won Gausdal Maraton, and Bjørnar Andersen won Hallingen. So, for now Bjørnar is leading the Norway Cup..


9.1.10 Racing season!

La Grande Odyssee is beginning in France tomorrow. Follow the race live at Of 20 starting teams are 4 from Norway and 1 from Sweden. Follow Robert Sørlie at

In Alaska Kuskokwim300 will start next week. Check trailer here.


4.1.10 Christmas and New Year in Sweden

We have enjoyed Christmas and new Year with friends and family in our house in Sweden. It has been gorgious - enough time for both dog sledding, relaxing and cosiness. The weather has been fantastic - lots of snow and temperatures between minus 27 degrees celsius and minus 10. Enjoy the photos here.