Team Koyuk

The breed

The Siberian Husky is one of the most beautiful breeds in the world. According to the breed standard all colours and delineations are allowed. Even the colour of the eyes can change from almost white to blue; they can be all kinds of yellow, green, brown etc. The same dog can even have two different coloured eyes - or different colours in the same eye!


But the Siberian Husky isn't just a pretty dog. It has quite a lot of natural instincts left - especially the pack instinct never stops to amaze us. We can sit for hours and just watch the dogs in "our" pack interact. It is amazing, the way they just get along with one another. Even when a new dog arrives, it will quickly find its place, and then the pack just continues functioning.

It's not only towards other dogs the Siberian is so socially minded - but towards people, too. It's not that many dogs that can function together in a large pack, and at the same time can enjoy being with you on the living room couch - or in the bed room. And then it is a fantastic sled dog!


The Siberian also has its small eccentricities, though. Among other things it shall always be kept on a leash or behind a high and durable fence, so that it doesn't run out to discover the world and maybe hunt for chickens, cats, rabbits or anything interesting. If it is just a single dog you want, it is probably not the Siberian you should choose. Not only because of the pack instinct mentioned before, which almost requires a whole bunch of dogs - but also because you just can't settle with a single dog, when you start getting hooked on the sport. There are some people who just have one or two huskies, though - check the part about sled dog racing. But usually more and more dogs will follow. And suddenly you must have a training cart, a sled, a larger car and/or trailer for all the dogs, a big playground, a house far away from neighbours etc. So think thoroughly before you purchase a Siberian. When it's there, it's too late to have any regrets!